The hiring of a Master of Ceremony for your wedding is probably “THE MOST IMPORTANT” feature of the entire event.


Think of it as having a host to your special day. The coordinating of your bridal party, the professional announcements that are to be made, the main introduction as “Husband and Wife”. 


Even though announcements and introductions can be made by your Dj or band members, the MC’s entire focus is on you and your guests. There are many reasons why you should consider the services of a Master of Ceremony.


· Your announcements are done professionally.

· It helps keeping your event schedule running smoothly.

· It helps the Dj focus on playing music.

· It helps animate your guests if you wish.

· It’s like having “Ryan Seacrest” running the show.


The Master of Ceremony plays a very important role and most of the time it’s the last thought on your mind.

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